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PRODUCT 09 Sept 2022

New release: Web audits are now available on your Tendable web portal

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Rose Pillay

Chief Operating Officer
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We are excited to announce that Web Inspections are available via the Tendable Web Portal. This new feature allows you to start and resume, complete, and submit inspections on a web browser and is supported by Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome but not Internet Explorer.

This means if you start an inspection on your mobile device and get pulled away to another task before you can finish it, you can pick the inspection up later via a browser on your computer where you can complete it and submit your final results.

How can it help me and my organisation?

These changes mark the first step in a change of approach to reporting within Tendable with a focus on flexibility and ease of access to information. To support this in the longer term we will be changing how in-app reporting works over the next few months to bring it in-line with these principles. In-app reports will remain unchanged for now but in the next few months some reports will be changing and those used less often retired. For further detail please see the in-app notification on the reporting screen.

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